Christina Alexander Wegne


Hello, my name is Christina Alexander Wegner, Founder & Owner of White Dress and I’m so glad you found us; Welcome!


I am a lover of all amazing experiences, and that is our goal from the moment you start your journey with us at White Dress. Since I was little, it was always the little things that caught my attention. When I was about three, my mother would take my little white shoes after a fun day of playing and use white shoe polish to take away every scuff mark.
She would take out the laces and put them in the kitchen window to dry until the next morning when I put them back on, all clean, white and ready to go.
She always taught me to do everything with a just a little extra, she reminded me to take the extra step to “make it special”.
My grandmother Evelyn told me at a very early age, that “love is in the details” and to “never settle”. I have used this guidance since the opening of White Dress in 2015, and the opening of White Dress Off the Rack in 2020.
This is your time, the time for you to find your dress and to have an amazing experience with your friends and family along your journey from Miss. to Mrs. Just as in the planning of your wedding, your experience with us at White Dress should be just as special.


We have curated a collection of wedding dresses that are unique, timeless, and classic, however pushing the fashion envelope just a bit to make it a little extra…… That one dress that makes you feel special, and makes you realize you are a bride!


When I’m not busy at White Dress Bridal Boutique and White Dress Off the Rack, you can find me hanging out with my son, husband, family and friends. I’m a girly girl at heart; you will not find me wearing less than three bracelets at a time.
Accessories are my thing; I have been known to purchase new shoes and love them so much I sleep in them the 1st night. I have a bit of an addiction to handbags, shoes and hats. And I certainly think that all my shoes, jewelry and handbags talk to each other in my closet when I’m at work. I believe in love, soulmates, the magic of children, and leaning into anything and everything that will make me a better person, leader and business owner!


I am so excited and grateful you found us at White Dress! I can’t wait for us to meet you and any guests or friends you bring with you on your special day! 


Let’s find you the dress!


Cheers until we meet!

- Christina