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Everyday coffee order: Grande Latte with Almond Milk and two Stevias.

Something not many people know about me: I'm left-handed! 

Dog or cat person: Tough call, but I definitely think I'm more of a dog person. Woof!

Fave romantic comedy: Runaway Bride. 

About me:

Originally from Kenosha, I'm a Wisconsin-based gal who loved growing up by Lake Michigan! I earned my BA in Theatre Arts back in 2016 and from there worked as a professional Costumer in Milwaukee WI, Logan UT, Chicago IL, and Santa Maria, CA! Throughout my years in show business, I always knew I wanted to transition into fashion and bridal; and I'm so grateful that White Dress Off The Rack made those dreams come true for me! It's such a rewarding experience to find "The One" for my brides and be a part of their journey. In my downtime I love getting together with family, hitting the gym, and being the queen of naps.